Live by Faith and Not by Fear Mahogany Plate || Hawaiian Home Decor


Inspire your space with our premium engraved mahogany wall decor plate featuring the quote “Live by faith, not fear.” Designed for wall decor, this plate serves as a constant reminder to trust and believe in yourself. Order now and let it inspire you!


(STAND SOLD SEPARATELY)Add a touch of inspiration to your home or office decor with our premium mahogany wall decor plate engraved with the powerful message “We must live by faith and not by fear.” This quote by the famous writer and speaker, Quentin L. Cook, encourages us to live in trust and confidence in ourselves and in a higher power, rather than being controlled by fear. The meaning of this quote is that fear can hold us back from living our lives to the fullest.  It is designed for wall decor only and not food consumption. The item has a milled cavity on its rear side to hang anywhere in your home.  Let the plate inspire. Order now!

Made and Engraved In Hawaii

There are three sizes available, same model, with increasing size

8″x8″ (10cm x 10cm)

10″x10″(25cm x 25cm)

12″x 12″ (30cm x 30cm)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 3 in

Small, Medium, Large

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