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Welcome to MakeMake Makana, your premier source for custom awards on unique Polynesian Weapons and other distinct pieces. We are thrilled to have you explore our Shark Tooth Weapons, esteemed Ali’i Collection, and Home Decor. Renowned for Best Quality Award, Artistic Graphic Designs, and a Swift Turnaround time.

MakeMake Makana is your ultimate partner for award ceremonies, quarterly recognitions, employee of the month, military promotions, farewells, and competition prizes.

Thank you for choosing us for your personalized gifts and promotion awards. We look forward to serving you and helping you find the perfect addition to your home or the perfect gift for promotions, going away, housewarming, and loved ones.

What is a “Navy Paddle”?

The “Navy Paddle” is a traditional gift representing teamwork and collaboration. It signifies the shared effort and roles required to row a massive vessel. The metaphor of departing with your paddle represents the impact of losing your essential role in rowing.

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“In the heart of valor lies the spirit of recognition; we honor those whose bravery sets sail into the seas of heroism.”

– Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Company Mission

Honoring military heroes with Unique Trophies, Awards, and Hawaiian Decor. Celebrating milestones, promotions, and farewells with deep gratitude to our servicemen and dedicated teams.

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