Polynesian Weapons

Handmade Polynesian Weapons

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Custom Engraving

Get your items custom engraved

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If we would like it in our own house, then we make/engrave it.  

Polynesian Weapons

Sno, makes them, and I (Kaliopeta) makes them look pretty with the teeth and feathers, etc.

Polynesian weapons

Custom engraving, both text and pics. We prefer to engrave on what we make, but we can do others. I just hate misspelling a name on an urn.

custom engraving

somethings we make somethings we dont, all with polynesian influence

poly jewelry

Sample 1 38″ surfboard


For this sample we charged $200 for the surfboard with the engravings and $10 each for the coins.  Images were all free in this case because we had all these images on file. 38" long  African Mah…

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Hawaiian Axe


The head is cut the same, but the bottom of the handle is unique to each piece. Mahogany, Tropical Ash size 10×38 inches Engraving included.

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