Polynesian Weapons
Handmade Polynesian Weapons

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Custom Engraving
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If we would like it in our own house, then we make/engrave it.  

Polynesian Weapons

Sno, makes them, and I (Kaliopeta) makes them look pretty with the teeth and feathers, etc.

Polynesian weapons


Custom engraving, both text and pics. We prefer to engrave on what we make, but we can do others. I just hate misspelling a name on an urn.

custom engraving


somethings we make somethings we dont, all with polynesian influence

poly jewelry

Hawaiian leiomano with no teeth


Leiomano without teeth allows for a more affordable option and makes shipping easy. Three sizes available.  Includes engraving. Add to cart

Large Leiomano with engraving, with shark teeth


We have images for most units in Hawaii.  You can also send in your own image, if its clean we will be able to use it.

. new image charge is $10. Add to cart

Large Leiomano.Add $10 for each coin.


To inlay each coin is $10 extra.  Without coins this large leiomano

is $150 Add to cart

Sample 138″ surfboard


38″ long  African Mahogany wood with white stripes. (perfect choice when you have a lot to say.  Lots of room for “long winded thank yous” coins and images)

For this sample we charged $200 for th… Add to cart

Oahu Island Small with As for me and my house – Kristus


The island of Oahu cut out and engraved on. Birch (displayed) Also available in mahogany a brown wood. Add to cart

Oahu Island Small


The island of Oahu cut out and engraved on. Mahogany, Birch, Cherry, Size 10×12 Add to cart