Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for Custom Engraved Items:

Ordering Process:

  1. If I wanted a plaque repaired, what steps would I take to have this done?
  • Answer: We offer tooth repair services at our main location in Halawa. Please bring your item to our shop when we are open; we can fix it in under a day.
  1. Question: Could I see examples of how you have engraved specific items in the past?
  • Answer: Yes we can provide you with examples from other orders fulfilling your needs
  1. Question: Do you sell hooks to hang the engraved paddles on the wall? Can I order and have them and have them shipped?
  • Answer: Yes, we do sell wall mounts. You can place an order for the mounts and have them shipped to your location. Please specify the quantity and item you need in your order description.
  • Question: Can we use previous orders as templates for future orders for other people? Can we copy previous orders if the item was lost?
  • Answer: Yes, we can use previous orders as templates for future orders for other people. We can also copy previous orders if the item was lost. Please provide your order number, and we’ll assist you in duplicating the plaque

Turnaround Time:

5. Question: “What is the current turnaround time of something with teeth vs. an item without teeth.”

  • Answer: The turnaround time for an item with teeth will usually take longer than an item without teeth such as a surfboard or paddle
  1. Question: “What is the turnaround for custom engraving? How many items can I order?
  • Answer: Our turnaround time for most items is 7 business days. We can do rush orders in as little as 2 business days. You can order as many items as you’d like just acknowledge the more items you purchase the longer it may take, but not significantly. Shipping will take up to 2 weeks.


8. Question: “What is your pricing on engraving? Is it priced per word or line?

  • Answer: Each item comes with free engraving. We do not charge per word. Allowing you to fill your item with at most 3 images and as much wording as can fit.
  1. Question: Do you have wholesale or bulk prices?
  • Answer: We provide bulk discounts for orders over 10 items, you need to pay for your order at our main location for bulk orders to receive a discount.

Item Information (Sizes):

10. Question: “What sizes do you have for leiomanos, hooks, axes, paddles, neckbreakers, and paddles.”


– Leiomano: Small, Medium, Large

– Hooks: Small, Large

– Paddle: Small, Medium, Large

– Neckbreaker: Mini, Medium

– Battleaxe: Medium, Large

– Surfboards: Small 12” , Medium 18’’, Large 24”, Mega 36”

-Spear Small 2′, Large 5′

Proofing and Changes:

  1. Question: Is there any way to see a mockup of my order before printing?
  • Answer: Yes we will not print your item until we receive approval from you after viewing your mockup on email.
  1. Question: Is there any way to change my order?
  • Answer: You have three opportunities to suggest changes during the proofing process. Please contact us with your order number for assistance.

Finishing Touches:

Question: Do you have colored feathers? What colors do you have?

Aqua Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Black, White, and brown. The first color choice is free and additional colors are $5

Question: Can you do a Navy Paddle Handle Wrap? What Colors do you have?

We offer red, blue, yellow, Green Camouflage, Pink, Purple, and Rainbow (Tie Dye) colored rope options

Pickup Information:
Can we pick these items up in person if I live in Hawaii

Yes, we prefer you pickup your order in person from these locations

Main Location: 99 920 Iwaena St #102, Aiea, HI 96701 📍
Retail Location: 4725 Bougainville Dr, Pearl Harbor, HI 96818📍

Extra Info:

16. Question: Do you just sell the shark teeth

Answer: We do not sell individual plastic teeth separately. Our products are sold as complete items.

  1. Question: Do you engrave on jewelry or plastic bracelets?
  • Answer: For wholesale inquiries on bracelets without engraving, please contact us directly at the provided email or phone number. We’ll be happy to discuss pricing, quantities, and any other details related to your wholesale order.