Leiomano Arrow Tribal Tattoo and Engraved Handle Grip || Hawaiian Home Decor


Discover the perfect blend of style, tradition, and protection with our handcrafted Hawaiian Leiomano club, symbolizing strength and courage while adding a visually stunning touch to your home decor.


(STAND SOLD SEPARATELY)Protect your home with style, using our authentic Hawaiian Leiomano club.  Shark teeth ARE NOT REAL.  Made from premium mahogany wood.  Expertly handcrafted by our skilled artisans, this traditional club symbolizes strength and courage. The etched tribal tattoos on the handle add both a secure grip and a visually stunning touch to the club. This particular tribal pattern is commonly found in Hawaiian kapa and tattoo art but is also shared among other Polynesian artwork. The club can be displayed on your wall with its safety string and genuine moa (chicken) feathers,  (REQUEST DIFFERENT COLOR FEATHERS – RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET, NATURAL BROWN at no extra charge).

Made in Hawaii

Note: This is not a weapon. This is a replica of a traditional Hawaiian Leiomano club, and should only be used for decorative purposes and award ceremonies.

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