Leiomano with Manta Ray Tribal Tattoo Design || Hawaiian Home Decor

Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of Hawaiian culture with our captivating Hawaiian Leiomano adorned with a Manta Ray Tribal Tattoo Design, uniting art, nature, and tradition in a single breathtaking masterpiece.


(STAND SOLD SEPARATELY)Introducing our Hawaiian Leiomano with Manta Ray Tribal Tattoo Design! This stunning piece of Hawaiian home décor embodies the close connection between Hawaiian culture, art, and nature. The intricate design features a Manta Ray, symbolizing the relationship between Hawaiians and the ocean. The leiomano is made with shark teeth (NOT REAL) and is held in place by strings, making it both functional and beautiful. The roped grip handle and safety string provide added comfort and security, so you can confidently display this piece in your home or office. The safety string can also be used to hang the item, making it versatile and suitable for any space. Whether you’re a collector of Hawaiian art or simply looking for a unique and meaningful gift, this Leiomano is sure to impress. Get yours today and bring the beauty of Hawaiian culture into your home!

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